Primal Source

The path for personal fulfillment is full of pitfalls. Since our childhood, we have been conditioned to abandon our dreams, block our emotions and suppress our creativity in order to adapt to social expectations. The world teaches us a false and limited view of ourselves, while the media manipulates our dreams, bombarding us with illusions of success and happiness. As a result, we sacrifice the most sacred portion of our being in the pursuit of a kind of success which even when accomplished, doesn’t bring us the so expect fulfillment. The human being lives and dies without knowing and without manifesting their own potential.

Primal Source is a self-knowledge and personal development system which promotes an understanding of the unconscious processes that shape our reality, while also offering a path to awakening, to freeing oneself of these internal limitations and accessing one’s true nature, the raw source of our personal power.


Primal Source is a self-knowledge system based on a shamanic understanding of life, applying the ancestral wisdom of nature in the context of the present world. Rather than pursuing a romanticized return to the tribal past, we focus on a personal development which considers the challenges of our sociocultural context, so that you can refine your creative skills and build the basis for a prosperous and balanced future, in line with what is best you.

Our methodology is fully personalized. Together, we will determine objectives for our work. During the program, we will explore your innermost potential, so as to unblock, improve, and develop each one of your intrinsic talents. We will study the psychological factors that limit your dreams, reviving your confidence and personal power so that you can redesign your goals and direct your life toward the path of complete personal fulfillment. We will develop strategies, knowledge and techniques to materialize these objectives.

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