Each person chooses how they see and deal with the world.

Each person chooses how they see and deal with the world. You may see everything through the lenses of daily life: waking up, working, procreating, saving, traveling, dying, and between any of those things, having some pleasure, crying a little, and having a few laughs. You might think this is what life is: spending some time in the world and having a few moments of happiness and pain. And then, after death, nothing. You can be a victim or a perpetrator. You can conform. You can blame yourself. You can blame others. I have chosen to live my life guided by enchantment. Life is a unique opportunity to develop myself. Each step is one part of the adventure. I breathe and connect to the mystery. My heart pumps blood and pulses with the earth. I hear the laughter of thunder. I dance my pains. In each tree, I feel time growing. I celebrate my achievements. I love, because this is what nourishes me. I overcome challenges and feel stronger. And I am always where I have wanted to be: in the center of my being.

We human beings can choose. This is our privilege and responsibility. This is our challenge. We are responsible for our own existence. Some people choose to work with machines, plant, create things, sell. I have chosen to work with people. I have chosen to share with them that which I love the most: studying life and our role in it. Through years of work, I have had the privilege of getting to know so many rich and beautiful universes through the people I’ve been working with. Each person reveals something about existence. In them, I can see the multiple aspects of life, the generosity and diversity of nature in its mysterious game.


I have chosen to yield to the flow of life. In the beginning, it did not seem safe. But it was the truest thing that could do. I have chosen to face my fears and my internal limitations. I have chosen to be an anomaly within the system, re-creating my own history, testing within myself all beliefs, to be a self-taught learner who has only one way out: to live my own philosophy. This has required acquiring my own knowledge and being my own example. Nature has been and will always be my guide. My path has led me to find my place in life, from where I share my knowledge, my talent and my being.


My work is unique because it comes, from the essential knowledge in my core

My work is unique because it comes, from the essential knowledge in my core, from my intuition and from my talent, which has been refined over more than 25 years of practice, during which I have been working with thousands of clients from all over the world. I share this knowledge with people who value it and dedicate their time and energy to a purpose: that of knowing themselves. My language is not mystical, it is practical. I instigate people to overcome their limitations. I believe true spirituality should generate impact on the material and day-to-day dimension. I only believe in knowledge that can be applied, that drives change.

I will not offer you a miraculous cure, but I will put you face to face with the causes of your physical and emotional imbalances, helping you transcend them by employing your own personal power. Nor will I give you ready-made formulas of performance and immediate success, but I will show you your inner resources, so that together we can seek and polish your deepest dreams. My purpose is to lead you beyond the barriers of your intellect and your need for control, so that you can access the mystery of your being and, from this primal source, get the clarity, the knowledge and the power to live your personal legend, rooted in the purpose of your existence and materializing your deepest ideals.